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A little about myself: My name is Matty I grew up in New York I got into the tattoo industry in 2008, and have been a collector since 1996. First company I worked for was Eternal Ink and I started a company called Redemption Tattoo Care before I went on road with them full time. That eventually led to owning four tattoo shops and then starting my own supply company. I have done probably over 500 Conventions over the course of the last decade.

What type of businesses do you own and what made you want to do so: All the businesses I own are Tattoo related. One of them is a tattoo care company for the general public to heal tattoos. I was also involved in four different tattoo shops, which there I did more of the back end/managerial duties and also bookkeeping. Now I own and operate a tattoo supply company where I handle all of the sales and making sure products get to shops in a timely fashion within the global markets.

What keeps you driven: Honestly I don’t even know what keeps me driven anymore hahaha. It’s kind of second nature to me at this point and I kind of love what I do so when you love what you do, I guess it really doesn’t feel like work  anymore. I talk to a lot of my friends and I’m pretty lucky that I have a loyal clientele because when they know they order something from me, they’re going to get it in a timely fashion and it’s going to be the same price and if it’s not, I’m not going to screw them over. In this business, there is a lot of shadiness and I pride myself on being a standup and honest business man to continue to grow in this industry.

Who or what do you look to for inspiration: Oh my friends inspire me man! Honestly I just like seeing people do cool stuff and work hard.  It bothers the hell out of me when I see people copying other peoples stuff, so originality goes a long distance with me.

What is the future for you and your brand/companies: As for the future, I mean we have really barely scratched the surface with Redemption. The future of Redemption is just to do a full global takeover and try and get Redemption in as many countries as possible and in clients hands all over the world. As for the supply company, I am still very small in the grand scheme of things in the United States, so I would just like to grow that state by state.

Where can we find your products:

Everything can be found at  unclemattysupplies.com

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