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Tell me about yourself: My name is Thadeus, Thad for short, Koelle, pronounced KELLY!!! 99% of people thinks it’s pronounced other ways, so we’ll just clarify that now!! Ha-ha! - I was born in Alexandria, VA but relocated back to my mother’s hometown of good ole Altoona, PA when I was 1-2 years old. Graduated from Altoona Area HS, Class Clown 96!! I moved to a suburb of Nashville, TN in ‘98 but moved back to PA in 2000 and have been here since!! Huge hockey fan and I played ice and roller hockey for 10+ years. Like Jake from True Believer, I also train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with 9+ years and am a Purple Belt under the great Pedro Sauer association at PA GRAPPLING located in Altoona. I’m a huge fan of Hardcore, Metal, Punk, Funk, and most music except for the pop AND ANY country BS!!! My main passion though is Woodturning!!!  


What type of business do you own and what made you want to do so: I own a Woodturning studio in Hollidaysburg, PA. I take pieces of Pennsylvania’s finest timber and turn them into functional items for your household or decor. Usually, I make them to the customers preference as to what they wanna do with it. I kind of fell into turning as a means of keeping my mind off of things after a crappy relationship. I was trying to occupy my time with different projects and trying some new things, and I remembered turning some wood in like 8th grade wood shop. I thought, you put a piece of metal into wood and make shapes, how hard can that be?!? Haha not as easy as it sounds, but I absolutely fell in love and literally dove into it headfirst!!! Now here I am today with an awesome shop and more tools than I know what to do with!


What keeps you driven: Watching other people like myself create...MAKERS MAKING!!! Whether it be clothing, or welding or other turners, painters, musicians. ANYONE who has the willingness to get out there and make something of their own!!! There’s a weird similarity between Woodturning and Jiu Jitsu in that you use leverage and techniques rather than brute strength and power to make. There’s a certain kind of flow you learn in both, and I absolutely love that feeling of creating a unique and truly one-of-a-kind item through the movement. 


Who or what do you look to for inspiration:  I think my inspiration comes from everything around me, from other makers to music to the weather!! I often find myself looking back to grandmasters Helio and Carlos Gracie, creators of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Also world renowned woodturners like Mr. David Ellsworth, Rude Osolnik, and Jerry Glaser. Though I have been finding myself looking at more current Woodturners like John Jordan, Mike Mahoney, and Max Brosi for inspiration as of late. All can be found on Instagram or a simple Google search. 


What is the future for TK Turnings:  To be honest I’m not sure what the future holds...but I’m working towards getting my items out to a broader spectrum of people and places. Hoping to do more collaborations with other makers and artists!!! All and all, just trying to stay six feet above and not below!! 


Where can we find you: 

Facebook: TK Turnings 
Instagram: @tkturnings 



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