The Sticker Booth

Tell me about yourself: My Name is Jerry Mendez and I’m a Graphic Designer from the San Fernando Valley which is located about 10 miles north of Downtown Los Angeles. My graphic design skills are not something to toot my own horn about but they're good enough so that I can have some guacamole with my chips… lol

What type of business do you own and what made you want to do so: I own a small printing company called The Sticker Booth. We do all sorts of printing but what we really do a lot of is adhesive labels, hence the company name. I’ve been involved with art since I was a kid so to do something like this for a living was almost inevitable. 

What keeps you driven: What really keeps me going aside from the love I have for design & print are the people who trust me and my company with their projects. I get a big burst of energy every time we put a smile on someone’s face because we designed or printed something that helped them, or their company share that beautiful idea. It’s one of the best feelings in the world. 

Who or what do you look to for inspiration: What inspires me is good vector art!  I love dissecting that stuff and looking at how it was created. Makes me want to be better!

What is the future for you and your company: Whatever God has in store, all we can do is work for all the right reasons. 

Where can we find your brand and products:

Instagram: @the_sticker_booth

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