Ray Ray's Dog Treats


Tell me about yourself: My name is Anna Pikor. I am 39 years old and become a female entrepreneur when I was 31. I'm an animal activist and own 2 companies designed around their needs, a pet sitting company and a dog treat company. I'm also a board member of Ruff Start Rescue. Friends and family are extremely important to me. I believe everything happens for a reason and anything negative can always be turned into a positive. 

What type of business do you own and what made you want to do so: I own a natural dog treat company, Ray Ray's Dog Treats.  I've owned a pet sitting company for 9 years and wasn't working during the pandemic while my dog was diagnosed with cancer. I controlled what foods she ate and expanded that into dog treats. So many treats contain harmful preservatives which I believe impacts their health. 

What keeps you driven: What keeps me driven is when I make the treats, I think of Ravin. She passed in August of 2020 and she always loved when I'd make her food. Knowing I'm providing a healthy treat in her memory keeps me going.

Who or what do you look to for inspiration: For inspiration, I think of one of my clients. She ran a successful dog kennel for years and can relate to owning multiple companies. She's easy to talk to and gives me advice, different ways to approach a situation and inspires me to push harder. 

What is the future for you and your company: I see my future as open. I can take my treats and my brand anywhere I want as long as I'm committed and determined to provide a healthy homemade snack for dogs.

 Where can we find your brand and products: 

Can find my treats online at www.rayraysdogtreats.com

Instagram: @rayraysdogtreats


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