Knucklehead Coffee Co.


Tell me about yourself: We are Jim and Tiffany, a husband and wife team who owns Knucklehead Coffee Co.  We have always been on the hunt for that perfect cup of coffee or roasted coffee bean, we love to travel and during our adventures we would try every coffee shop we could find.  Always taking beans home to try in our favorite brewing methods. Coffee has become more than a hobby for us, and we are very grateful for the support everyone has shown us in the short few years we have been in business.

What type of business do you own and what made you want to do so: We own and operate Knucklehead Coffee Co based in Waterford Michigan.  We specialize in small batch craft roasted coffee beans using strict guidelines to ensure our customers get the freshest coffee bean possible.  We only source high quality coffee beans from around the globe.  During our travels and bumming around the great state of Michigan trying every coffee and coffee bean shop we could find we decided to give the art of roasting coffee beans a try and see what the backbone of a great cup of coffee was.  We have had some great coffee and let us say some not so great.  With that passion Knucklehead Coffee Co was born.

What keeps you driven: We strive in every roast to obtain that perfect balance we all love in a great cup of fresh coffee. Hearing customers say that was a great cup of coffee makes us work even harder to keep up high standards. Our goal is to show people you can make a great cup of coffee at home and open them up to how unique the flavors can be from various regions and single origin beans.

Who or what do you look to for inspiration: Inspiration is everywhere around us, not only from coffee roasters. We search for the little mom and pop coffee shops every place we go and love to hear all the success stories and that alone keeps us motivated to exceed beyond our dreams.

What is the future for you and your company: The future of our company is to grow and always maintain the quality we strive for and never compromise our product for the sake of making a buck.  We hope we inspire people to do what they love and if they have a passion for something, the sky is the limit.   We will continue to hone our roasting skills and pay if forward as much as we can.

 Thank you everyone who has made a purchase or just stopped to say hello.


Where can we find your brand and products:

Instagram: @knuckleheadcoffeeco

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